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Adoption Day for Bella!

December 2, 2015 was the day I first met the sweet, chunky baby girl that was brought into a foster home just weeks before Christmas.  I was asked to take newborn photos but the family had no idea how much this baby would change their lives forever.

Every couple of months I had the pleasure to capture a new milestone - we celebrated crawling, walking, a 1st birthday - we captured smiles, laughs, tears, and surprises.  This family and this precious girl became more than clients, they became my friends and people who I am so grateful to have in my life. 

I could see their struggle of not knowing what would happen to Bella - would she become a forever part of their family or would they have to say goodbye.  I prayed so many times for them, I cried while watching videos of other foster children and knowing how much these families give up not knowing what will happen next, I especially prayed for the best outcome for Bella.

Fast forward to over 600 days later and this little ray of sunshine will forever be part of this same family - it is the only family she has ever known and the only family that has showered her with love.

Congratulations Bella! I'm thrilled that I can continue celebrating milestones with you and your family.


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