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Gannom Wedding

"A friend like you is hard to find
A gift that's truly rare,
You held your arms out wide to me
And took up all my cares,

Then carried them along with me
As if they were your own,
You really are the kindest person
I have ever known.

Why was it when I turned around
I saw you stand and stay,
When one by one I watched as all
The others walked away?

Your steadfast faithfulness has surely
Stood the test of time,
And I'm so thankful just to know
A man like you is mine.

So often I have smiled at you and
Sometimes I can see,
The love of Jesus in your face
Smile gently back at me.

If I stayed down upon my knees
From dawn to setting sun,
How could I ever thank the Lord
For everything you've done?

If hearts had words to speak aloud
Of all that they held true,
My heart would shout, "I've found a
Soulmate, husband, friend in you!" "