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I met the bravest, strongest, most determined little girl today.  She just recently turned two months old - even though her due date wasn't supposed to be until mid-August.  Isabella and her family have an incredible story that is just beginning. 

Instead of celebrating her baby shower this May, Kristen delivered her 26 week old baby via emergency c-section.  Fear, chaos, and the unknown all swarmed this family and their sweet baby.   They chose to trust in the Lord instead of in doubt and now they are counting down the days for Bella to come home.

God has done miraculous things with Bella.  She is truly an inspiration for us all.  I had the absolute privilege to visit with them in the NICU and take a few photos of sweet Bella.  She is wide-eyed and growing so much everyday.  I have no words to describe the pure love that was written all over her parent's faces as they just smiled at her. 

Bella, I can't wait to see what amazing things you do!

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