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From Hobby to Small Business

I honestly have so many talented family members.  Which means I have the best options for help when needed.  Something needs to be fixed in the house - call my Dad; my computer won't work properly - call one of my brothers; I need to shop or help with projects - call my Mother or Mother-in-Law!

Not too long ago my Father-in-Law took up woodworking as a hobby.  He would piddle with this and mess with that for a while and then he started taking it really seriously and is getting really good!  As in, I've been having him make me ALL types of things.  I look at it as I'm helping him progress by asking for all of these off the wall requests!  "Hey Billy, we just built a new kitchen island, can you make me a butcher block counter-top?" Or, "Hey Billy, I want new shutters on my house, can you make me those too?" 

He's decided to start selling some of his work and will also be doing his first vendor show at the Pumpkintown Festival on October 8.  If you are in the area, you should definitely stop by to see his pepper-mill grinders, cutting boards, and much more. 

One weekend I hand him the old wood, the next weekend he hands me a new frame!

I'm not really a "made-from-scratch" baker but this French-style rolling pin was too cute to pass up!  When he told me about these, I just had to have one.

And the time and effort he put into making this serving-tray wedding gift for a friend - perfect!

Just like me, he took a hobby and wanted to do more with it.  He wanted to show that he was really good at this and could turn it into a small business.  If you're interested in any of his work, look him up on Facebook - Handcrafted by BigHig.