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Merry Christmas Tour!

First off, welcome - I am so appreciative you are here!  I love this time of year and celebrating the true love of Christ with family and friends.  "We love because He first loved us."

Before our 2 year old woke up and started pulling toys into every room, I had about 30 minutes to photograph a clean home!  I love traditional reds and greens and this year I also decided to add some cotton and natural elements into the mix. 

I had the pleasure to photograph Christmas mini-sessions at a local tree farm in Greenville (Mystic Tree Farm) and while I was there, I picked out our tree.  Instead of the traditional green fur, we went with a Blue Ice tree that really does have a little blue hue to it.  It's beautiful and smells so wonderful!

I didn't have room on my mantle to put four stocking holders and I don't like using command hooks since the top of our mantle is a little thinner.  So, a white curtain rod and two flat stocking holders did the trick! 

Décor in the kitchen is a little more subtle - just a few small wreaths and pops of red and green!

I shopped around for a cotton wreath but the price tags were a little more than I wanted to pay...so a friend informed me of a place in Greenville called The Tomato Vine and they sale cotton by the stem or by the bunch for super cheap!!!  So, a DIY cotton wreath it is!

I've spent weeks searching for a wooden bench for our kitchen table.  I wanted to move things around and center the table with the mantle.  After no luck at my favorite antique and thrift stores, my wonderful father made me one instead.  I can't decide what color to paint it though...all white, stained and white, a color...

Our son will empty an entire toy box looking for his cars (he calls them "beep beeps") so I've started putting them in smaller containers that he can easily find.  This saves us a few minutes of toy clean up each night...one afternoon, he put them in this dough bowl on his small table.  So for Christmas, I thought I'd keep it that way!

But literally, as soon as he woke up - straight to the toys and the photo taking was done.  Mostly because I wanted to play with him too!

I hope this season is merry and bright for you all but never forget why we truly celebrate.  We can make our homes beautiful and get inspiration for one another but His beauty, love and inspiration are unending and all powerful.

Merry Christmas!





Christmas Tour | The Britton's

I am beyond blessed to call The Britton's some of my most dearest friends. They are truly the sweetest, most giving, compassionate and caring people you will ever meet.  I was able to visit them this weekend and in true Nicole fashion, I brought my camera along.  And boy am I glad I did!  This is their first Christmas in this home and it is AMAZING!  So amazing, that I have to share it with you!

I've decided that before I post my very own Christmas Home Tour, I'll share theirs!

So welcome...you are not going to want to miss this.

From the moment you walk in the front door you are swept into each detail - from every pine cone to every ornament on the massive tree (it's 12 feet and framed by floor to ceiling windows)!

Once you witness the main living area filled with traditional red and gold, you can venture into the bedrooms to find even more festive decorations.  Blues, pinks, and other vibrant colors take hold and each room brings the season to life in a different way.

And then you walk outside and take in the pond and the amazing view.

Thank you so much to this beautiful family for opening their home to me on so many occasions, loving my family as their own, and for being such beacons for the Lord.  So many are blessed to know them - I know I am!

Stay tuned for my very own Christmas Home Tour coming soon.


$1 DIY Christmas Garland

I'm probably one of those people who start Christmas decorating a little earlier than most.  It's only November 6th and Christmas movies take up my television, Christmas music is on my radio, and I browse the holiday aisles at every store. 

I know the most important reason for this season is to celebrate our Lord and Savior (as should every day be) so there is no reason to limit it to just December...

So, with my Christmas mini-sessions coming up this weekend, I thought it would be a grand idea to start decorating my own home! 

A friend and fellow photographer wanted some festive garland for upcoming Christmas sessions but the cost online was $75!! A trip to my local craft and dollar stores changed that.

I was able to make three different types of garland or banners for $1 or less each! 

Here is what you need:

  • String, yarn, twine, or thread (I had some white yarn already on hand)
  • One bag of cotton balls
  • Paper (the color and thickness is up to you) I usually pick the individual scrap-booking pages that are $0.20 a piece
  • Mini Plastic Ornaments (These are usually $1 or less for a pack of 8)
  • Black Marker (I already had this on hand)
  • Scissors (I already had this on hand)
  • Hole-puncher (I already had this on hand)
  • Threading needle (I already had this on hand)

For the cotton garland, cut the yarn to the length you want and tie one end to the threading needle.  Thread the needle and string through the middle of each cotton ball and adjust the cotton balls to be as close as you'd like.  I mixed it up and put about 30 on the first one (they were closer together) and only 20 on the other (so they were further apart). 

For the ornament garland, cut the yarn to the length you want and tie it to the threading needle.  Thread the yarn through the top of the ornament and then tie a knot around the top so that the ornament stays in place.  I alternated colors of red and gold.

For the banner that says, "Merry Christmas,"  cut the scrap-booking pages into any shape you'd like.  Make sure to cut them so that you have enough room for one per letter.  Using a marker, write the phrase you'd like spelled out.  Use the hole-puncher at the top of each letter (I put hole in each top corner) so that you can thread the yarn through.

Decorating is always fun - it's even more fun when you can save money!!! 

Happy Crafting!





Simply Fall...

My love for Fall is beyond words - I mean college football, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, perfect weather, and colors that match my hair - what's not to love!  I couldn't resist and I started decorating before September...I tried to hold myself off but once the store shelves were lined with candles and white pumpkins, I just couldn't make it. 

I thought this was the best time to work on a project I have been envisioning for a few weeks.  We have some great, original mantels in our home (but no actual working fireplace).  To showcase the one in our main living space, I thought a simple window with a magnolia wreath would look great.  The task was, how to get the window to "float" where I wanted it to.  So, a drill, four hooks, and heavy duty twine later - it's a hanging window!  The best thing about this, I can use the hooks for so much more than just this window (hanging mason jars with flowers, Christmas decor, you name it)! 

It wasn't the easiest thing to hang - these mantles are made of super hard wood (I actually lost a screw from the back of the hook in there somewhere).  I also had to make sure to get products that could hold the weight required.  The hooks each have a safe working load of 35 pounds and the twine has a working load of 90 pounds.  The little extra elbow grease was worth it though :)

I've added simple touches of Fall throughout our home - white pumpkins, candles, some wood pieces, and an adorable sign I found on clearance at TJ Maxx that says "Pumpkin Kisses; Harvest Wishes."

To start off September 1, 2016 I even made pumpkin cookies...yum!

Happy (almost) Fall Y'all!