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Merry Christmas Tour!

First off, welcome - I am so appreciative you are here!  I love this time of year and celebrating the true love of Christ with family and friends.  "We love because He first loved us."

Before our 2 year old woke up and started pulling toys into every room, I had about 30 minutes to photograph a clean home!  I love traditional reds and greens and this year I also decided to add some cotton and natural elements into the mix. 

I had the pleasure to photograph Christmas mini-sessions at a local tree farm in Greenville (Mystic Tree Farm) and while I was there, I picked out our tree.  Instead of the traditional green fur, we went with a Blue Ice tree that really does have a little blue hue to it.  It's beautiful and smells so wonderful!

I didn't have room on my mantle to put four stocking holders and I don't like using command hooks since the top of our mantle is a little thinner.  So, a white curtain rod and two flat stocking holders did the trick! 

Décor in the kitchen is a little more subtle - just a few small wreaths and pops of red and green!

I shopped around for a cotton wreath but the price tags were a little more than I wanted to pay...so a friend informed me of a place in Greenville called The Tomato Vine and they sale cotton by the stem or by the bunch for super cheap!!!  So, a DIY cotton wreath it is!

I've spent weeks searching for a wooden bench for our kitchen table.  I wanted to move things around and center the table with the mantle.  After no luck at my favorite antique and thrift stores, my wonderful father made me one instead.  I can't decide what color to paint it though...all white, stained and white, a color...

Our son will empty an entire toy box looking for his cars (he calls them "beep beeps") so I've started putting them in smaller containers that he can easily find.  This saves us a few minutes of toy clean up each night...one afternoon, he put them in this dough bowl on his small table.  So for Christmas, I thought I'd keep it that way!

But literally, as soon as he woke up - straight to the toys and the photo taking was done.  Mostly because I wanted to play with him too!

I hope this season is merry and bright for you all but never forget why we truly celebrate.  We can make our homes beautiful and get inspiration for one another but His beauty, love and inspiration are unending and all powerful.

Merry Christmas!





Fall tour

I was able to sit down and enjoy an almost spotless home for about 15 minutes yesterday before I heard the first, "Uh Oh" that came right after a dropped cup of milk - lucky for me my dog licked it right up...  This preceded the sandy footprints, crumbs on the floor, and toys thrown about in every room.  But, that's life and that's my style. 

I've had several people ask how I can manage to decorate with a son who likes to climb, crawl, run, and jump on everything!  I don't purchase expensive items for a reason.  I have a two year old and many of my friends that visit have children the same age.   That doesn't mean I don't like nice things, I just keep things simple.  My decor fits with our life and our home.  Small items that are clean and simple with pops of color (usually teal haha).  I also really like old pieces that go with the feel of our 1923 home. 

More times than not if you visit you will see dishes in the sink, toys everywhere and smudges on surfaces.  But, you'll also hear a lot of laughter, little feet running and songs being sung.  Occasionally you will find my home "presentable" but those times only last for about 15 minutes! 

But, here is one of those 15 minute moments from yesterday morning...welcome to my Fall home tour.


Thank you for stopping by - I truly appreciate it.  You took time in your day to come here and that means so much to me.  Have a blessed day!



Bedroom Update - Floors!

Here's a bedroom update - the floors are now completed!  My original plan was to have the bedroom hardwood floors sanded and finished to match the rest of the hardwoods in the house.  However, the hefty price tag wasn't as appealing.  The floors have been painted a few times (I'm not actually sure how many times total) in the last 93 years.  So, that means to get them sanded down it adds a lot of money for each paint layer.  So, what's one more layer of paint until I decide to pay to have them refinished...

There is specific paint to use when painting your floors because it has to be durable enough to withstand everyday walking, moving, playing, furniture and little paws.  Oil-based enamel floor paint is durable enough to paint high traffic areas.  The brand we chose didn't have many colors to choice from but it had great reviews on the paint itself so I picked, "Brown."  Nothing fancy, a color that wouldn't bring too much attention to the floors but gave the room a cohesive feel.  It brings out the stained wood in the headboard and makes the white in the room really pop.

This process has just a few steps: 1. Remove ALL furniture, rugs, or anything that sits on the floor that is removable. 2. Clean the floors. 3. Paint the trim area using a brush. 4. Paint the main area of the floor with a roller.  Your biggest challenge is not painting yourself into a corner :) 5. You can also add a sealer top coat if you think the area needs it.

The worst part of this process is the smell - it's unpleasant and calls for several outside breaks during the process.  Make sure to ventilate the area you are working in REALLY WELL!  It's also best to not stay in the home for 24-48 hours - especially with children and pets.  We planned it out so that it was over an extended weekend and we wouldn't be home.  My Mother-In-Law was such a HUGE help during this so a special thanks to her!

Overall, I'm very happy with the results.  The room looks so much better without the chipping grey paint all over the floor. 


Our son really wanted to be in the photo but was very unhappy when our dog decided he no longer wanted jump on the bed with him...But...This floor will withstand many, many more tantrums, toys, dog and son chases, falls, and spills.

I'm so very thankful for the emails and comments I've received for this blog.  I simply try to remember that you can find beauty in everything - so open your eyes and look around.

"He has made everything beautiful in its time.  He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet, no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end." Ecclesiastes 3:11

As always, thank you for reading.



Bedroom Makeover Part I

We have a lot of projects going on at the moment that I'm so excited to get completed - new fence, windows, retaining wall, and the bedroom floors.  As we check each item off of the "to-do" list I feel like I add one more... 

For the inside of the house, we put our bedroom last.  There are still a few more things to get completed (the floors, barn door, and small décor items) but overall it is coming together quickly. 

I have to brag on my mother-in-law for an awesome surprise.  We had plans to paint the bedroom one Saturday.  The day before my mother-in-law had other plans to do some outdoor work.  The weather didn't cooperate exactly and that Friday was a downpour.  So instead, she paints our entire bedroom! Without us even knowing!  Like I said, awesome surprise!

My parents helped us pick up and install this amazing headboard that we had made from someone local.  Needless to say, I'm in love with it.  Before we didn't have a headboard and I feel like it has anchored the room so much.  Not to mention is only set us back $170...for a custom, handmade, wooden headboard...for our king size bed!  I can give you the couple's contact information for anyone really interested in their work. 

As you know, I'm all about bargains.  The same yard sale I found those adorable wicker chairs (you can read about those here), I also bought khaki curtains and a white curtain rod.  I love floor to ceiling curtains but these were slightly too long and bunched a little too much at the bottom.  So, I tied a knot, problem solved!

Here is the before photo.

The space has a relaxing feel to it now with the light walls and dark wood tones.  It also still has a lot of the original character - original doors, fire place, mantle, and wood floors.  It's definitely becoming a favorite place to relax, read, pray, and nap.  I'll keep you posted with the remaining updates - floors and adding the barn door. 

As always, thank you for stopping by.  I hope I've inspired you to create something in your own home that you will cherish but most importantly to create spaces that allow you and your family to grow together and grow with God.

Thank you friends :)




His Cool Room

Our son is now almost 18 months but I still love everything about his room.  It was a fun adventure incorporating my husband's love for racing into the cute nursery I envisioned.   We also wanted a room that would grow with him and we wouldn't have to change much as he gets older.  I think it's the perfect blend!

Teal (of course) and grey walls provide color but also anchor the room.  My husband spent over an hour picking out the perfect shades of paint so that they would match his favorite Formula 1 race team...haha

I love how involved he was in this entire process - picking out the wall art, fabrics, paint colors, you name it!  He occasionally had to be reminded that this room would belong to our newborn son and not him but overall he was so helpful! 

The details in the room are what I love most - race cars on the drawer knobs, colorful wall art, the speedometer decal above his changing station, and of course the custom pillows and bedding we had made from a wonderful lady (Studio Slumber on Etsy if you are in need of anything for your nursery)!

Our son has a place to read, play with his toy cars, run around, and just have fun.  I wouldn't change anything about this space.  It was the work of a husband and a wife who wanted to create a space just for their son.

As always, thank you for reading!  And, I've updated the blog a little to allow comments - so feel free to leave a few words :)