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Fall tour

I was able to sit down and enjoy an almost spotless home for about 15 minutes yesterday before I heard the first, "Uh Oh" that came right after a dropped cup of milk - lucky for me my dog licked it right up...  This preceded the sandy footprints, crumbs on the floor, and toys thrown about in every room.  But, that's life and that's my style. 

I've had several people ask how I can manage to decorate with a son who likes to climb, crawl, run, and jump on everything!  I don't purchase expensive items for a reason.  I have a two year old and many of my friends that visit have children the same age.   That doesn't mean I don't like nice things, I just keep things simple.  My decor fits with our life and our home.  Small items that are clean and simple with pops of color (usually teal haha).  I also really like old pieces that go with the feel of our 1923 home. 

More times than not if you visit you will see dishes in the sink, toys everywhere and smudges on surfaces.  But, you'll also hear a lot of laughter, little feet running and songs being sung.  Occasionally you will find my home "presentable" but those times only last for about 15 minutes! 

But, here is one of those 15 minute moments from yesterday morning...welcome to my Fall home tour.


Thank you for stopping by - I truly appreciate it.  You took time in your day to come here and that means so much to me.  Have a blessed day!



My Thrifty Road Trip | Part 2

Our mini-road trip was a lot of fun and a huge success.  Not only did we stop at 10+ different shops (and roadside barns) but we also had time to take our son to a fun hands on museum. 

We traveled to Hendersonville, NC and stopped at all the small towns along the way.  Some of my best finds came from the roadside barns selling antiques - the type of places that don't show up on Google!  But, I did hit the jackpot at a HUGE warehouse called Needful Things.  This place is over 50,000 square feet and holds over 200 antique and thrift vendors.  I needed more than just a few hours to go through everything so I'm already planning a trip back.

I've been on the lookout for an old tobacco basket for quite some time now but I haven't liked the price tag on many that I've found.  So when I scored this one for only $30 and the teal paint was already splattered on it, I was more than excited!

And a cute, white chair for under $10 - YES please!

There were many smaller finds too - blue mason jars, wooden spoons, wooden bowls, books, trays, etc. 

And let's not forget the amazing shutters I found and all the photo session props!  Our truck was definitely overflowing with all kind of goodies.  I even fell asleep on the way home and woke up to the hubby pulling into another roadside antique shop that he found for me :) It's the little things... :)

We are gearing up for vacation soon so I'm sure I will find some more interesting places to stop at.

Thanks for reading,


My Thrifty Road Trip | The Pink House Antiques

My style is based around being thrifty, simple, but pretty.  I love spending Saturday afternoons searching thrift stores, antique shops, yard sales, or flea markets to find anything I can use to re-purpose for our home.  That's why I was completely ecstatic when my husband agreed to take a short road trip for our anniversary to visit several antique and thrift shops.  I've started planning our route and picking which places I would like to stop at but I also want to leave time open to finding those places that aren't mapped out!

That got me thinking - why not show you the places that are local to me and that I visit often?! 

First up: The Pink House!

The Pink House Antiques is located in Williamston, SC and it is literally a pink house.  There are two floors, 10 rooms, a huge porch, and yard all filled with great buys.  This is the type of place you could spend an hour in one weekend and come back the next and spend even more time looking around.  The owner, Joan, does a great job finding items to sell.  There is a wonderful mixture of low-budget/needs a little work items and high-end antiques. 

Make sure to look up, down, under the tables, behind the doors, and all around so that you don't miss out on anything.  I've purchased so many things from here - old windows, antique chairs, kitchen items, milk glass, books, photo props, etc. 

Since the items that fill this store are older, they all have a story.  Joan knows those stories and if it isn't written on the tag already, just ask her and she'll tell you all about it.  It makes purchasing those items even more special knowing where they came from. 

This is such a fun spot to stop by - so add it to your list!

Thank you for reading,



Southern Mornings

I have been very fortunate to have so many strong women in my life.  For the majority of my life I not only had my mother, I had two grandmothers and two great-grandmothers.  I am fortunate that I have my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother still with me today.  The life lessons and memories that each of these women have left with me can never be replaced.  They are women who are strong (sometimes stubborn), loving, passionate, and so caring.

I carry pieces of my grandmother, Ann (Mamaw), and great-grandmother, Eva (Grandma), every day with me even though they are no longer here in flesh.  Both of these women were masters in the kitchen and could win the pickiest of eaters over in a flash.  They spent hours in the kitchen making meals for the ones they loved - that was their love language. 

My favorite meal though is breakfast!  Grandma would wake up every morning before the sun rose and start baking from scratch her biscuits and gravy.  Sifting flour, rolling dough, and using a cup to cut the shape of each delicious biscuit.  Nights I stayed at her house, I would wake to the smell of biscuits being pulled from the oven and ready to eat.  It was always the same and always delicious.

Mornings with Mamaw were such a treat.  She would make whatever I wanted for breakfast - pancakes, grits, bacon, you name it.  After breakfast we would spend the rest of the morning signing her favorite Gospel songs or watching Lifetime movies.  Popcorn after breakfast was always allowed and I never had to change out of my pajamas.

Those memories are what remind me that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.  That's also why I take pride in having pieces from both of these women displayed in my home.  Jewelry that others would think is worthless means more than money to me because it came from my Mamaw.  A kitchen cabinet and wardrobe from my Grandma (both that needed a little fixing up) still show flaws on the outside but I would never trade them.  I take pride in knowing that these strong women helped shape who I am today, not only by my name but also in my heart.

As always, thank you for stopping by!

-Eva Nicole