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Dear House on the Mill


Every season brings new hopes as well as lulls.  We are now in a season of restless sleep, baby cries, toddler tantrums, and messy rooms.  Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in wishing for the next season to hurry up but, when you really stop to think about all this season brings, it is more than magical...

It's promising.

It's hearing our baby giggle for the first time, "I love you Mommy," coming from the backseat, excitement over the first snowman in our yard, and loving so deep it hurts.

I caught myself trying to hurry Spring along and wishing away the cold weather.  I even decided to bring some color into the house... But, then I remembered that Winter only lasts so long and before I know it I will be missing those mornings of awe over newly fallen snow and snuggling with my family on cold mornings.

And, although I'm not going to go back and re-do the decor, I will desperately try to remember to cherish even the coldest of days.


No matter what our home looks like, who I share it with is the most important.




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