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Dear House on the Mill

Today I didn't Rush...

My old Friday's consisted of waking up early, rushing around to get ready, heading out the door by 7:40am, and normally forgetting something...

Today, I didn't rush.  There was no pressing alarm clock (although we were still wide awake by 7:30am).  Blueberry pancakes were made and devoured while we sat next to the big window in the kitchen.  With our pajamas still on, we rode the golf-cart around the neighborhood.  We spotted Memaw in her front yard and stopped in - this lead to a brief piano lesson and lots of toys to play with.  We departed with a popsicle and a smile. 

My prayer this morning was of thankfulness.  I held my son and prayed with my heart full of gladness and love.  I was excited to start this new chapter working part-time but I never knew how much of a blessing it was truly going to be. 

I also have more time to work on his potty training - which he's doing really great at so far!!! :)

So thankful you stopped by to read about our morning.  Have a blessed day!