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Dear House on the Mill

Bedroom Makeover Part I

We have a lot of projects going on at the moment that I'm so excited to get completed - new fence, windows, retaining wall, and the bedroom floors.  As we check each item off of the "to-do" list I feel like I add one more... 

For the inside of the house, we put our bedroom last.  There are still a few more things to get completed (the floors, barn door, and small décor items) but overall it is coming together quickly. 

I have to brag on my mother-in-law for an awesome surprise.  We had plans to paint the bedroom one Saturday.  The day before my mother-in-law had other plans to do some outdoor work.  The weather didn't cooperate exactly and that Friday was a downpour.  So instead, she paints our entire bedroom! Without us even knowing!  Like I said, awesome surprise!

My parents helped us pick up and install this amazing headboard that we had made from someone local.  Needless to say, I'm in love with it.  Before we didn't have a headboard and I feel like it has anchored the room so much.  Not to mention is only set us back $170...for a custom, handmade, wooden headboard...for our king size bed!  I can give you the couple's contact information for anyone really interested in their work. 

As you know, I'm all about bargains.  The same yard sale I found those adorable wicker chairs (you can read about those here), I also bought khaki curtains and a white curtain rod.  I love floor to ceiling curtains but these were slightly too long and bunched a little too much at the bottom.  So, I tied a knot, problem solved!

Here is the before photo.

The space has a relaxing feel to it now with the light walls and dark wood tones.  It also still has a lot of the original character - original doors, fire place, mantle, and wood floors.  It's definitely becoming a favorite place to relax, read, pray, and nap.  I'll keep you posted with the remaining updates - floors and adding the barn door. 

As always, thank you for stopping by.  I hope I've inspired you to create something in your own home that you will cherish but most importantly to create spaces that allow you and your family to grow together and grow with God.

Thank you friends :)