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Dear House on the Mill

$1 DIY Christmas Garland

I'm probably one of those people who start Christmas decorating a little earlier than most.  It's only November 6th and Christmas movies take up my television, Christmas music is on my radio, and I browse the holiday aisles at every store. 

I know the most important reason for this season is to celebrate our Lord and Savior (as should every day be) so there is no reason to limit it to just December...

So, with my Christmas mini-sessions coming up this weekend, I thought it would be a grand idea to start decorating my own home! 

A friend and fellow photographer wanted some festive garland for upcoming Christmas sessions but the cost online was $75!! A trip to my local craft and dollar stores changed that.

I was able to make three different types of garland or banners for $1 or less each! 

Here is what you need:

  • String, yarn, twine, or thread (I had some white yarn already on hand)
  • One bag of cotton balls
  • Paper (the color and thickness is up to you) I usually pick the individual scrap-booking pages that are $0.20 a piece
  • Mini Plastic Ornaments (These are usually $1 or less for a pack of 8)
  • Black Marker (I already had this on hand)
  • Scissors (I already had this on hand)
  • Hole-puncher (I already had this on hand)
  • Threading needle (I already had this on hand)

For the cotton garland, cut the yarn to the length you want and tie one end to the threading needle.  Thread the needle and string through the middle of each cotton ball and adjust the cotton balls to be as close as you'd like.  I mixed it up and put about 30 on the first one (they were closer together) and only 20 on the other (so they were further apart). 

For the ornament garland, cut the yarn to the length you want and tie it to the threading needle.  Thread the yarn through the top of the ornament and then tie a knot around the top so that the ornament stays in place.  I alternated colors of red and gold.

For the banner that says, "Merry Christmas,"  cut the scrap-booking pages into any shape you'd like.  Make sure to cut them so that you have enough room for one per letter.  Using a marker, write the phrase you'd like spelled out.  Use the hole-puncher at the top of each letter (I put hole in each top corner) so that you can thread the yarn through.

Decorating is always fun - it's even more fun when you can save money!!! 

Happy Crafting!