Thrift Store Score

I am constantly checking by thrift stores to see what I can find - props for photo sessions, weekend projects for my home, or things that others have asked me to keep an eye out for. 

When I invested into a new desktop computer for my business, I needed a place for it.  Before this we only had a laptop so with only 1200 square feet to work with, I had to find something cute but small.  It took me a few weekends of searching different thrift stores to find the perfect desk! 

It's a great size and has two drawers for storage - score!  Being a little rough around the edges didn't bother me - that was nothing a little sanding and a fresh coat of paint wouldn't fix.  The only place I have for this desk to currently go is in my living room, so I needed to create a space that was both functional and charming. 

I've decided I like the door sitting behind the desk - it's original to the home and it gives it a new purpose.  I can hang wreaths for each season, photos, fresh flowers, or leave it alone and it still adds a little something extra to the space.  My husband also agrees that it's staying there (most likely because it weighs a TON and he's not moving it again)!  Either way, I adore it!   

This was definitely a thrift store score since it only cost me $20.  I'm still searching for the right knobs and I'll update once I've added those.

Don't be afraid to put a little elbow grease into a project - it makes the finished product that much better knowing that you transformed it into something beautiful. 



This is the BEFORE ... this cute little desk was just waiting to be found!